[Users] Claws for windows fails to connect to mailserver

Mike Miskulin mike.miskulin at leadingordersolutions.com
Tue Feb 24 18:40:31 CET 2015

Hello - new user w/ question on the above issue.  I normally prefer to 
use pop3 and none of the work arounds mentioned earlier work. Server 
negotiation fails.  However, for the heck of it, I started over and 
chose secure IMAP instead and server connections go ok (verified as tls 
1.2 through wireshark).

So just want to confirm, this issue only affects pop3?
And I saw a link that it is "fixed" however, it doesn't look like there 
is any windows port of version 3.11, is there any ballpark when that 
might be available?

Thank you.

ref http://lists.claws-mail.org/pipermail/users/2014-December/011809.html

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