[Users] Configuration

Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Mon Feb 2 14:20:56 CET 2015

I am going to try and explain this as simply as I can.

I am using Claws Mail version 3.11.1 on a FreeBSD 10.1 amd64 machine.

I have configured a folder with a default "TO" setting and a default "Account
Setting". The problem comes when I want to forward mail from that folder.
Actually, any folder. I have tried on all of them. The correct "Account" is
used, but the "TO" field is left blank.

I have CM configured to "send as a attachment"; however, I have tried sending
both as an attachment and inline and the same problem exists.

Is this a bug or by design? The "templates" area of the folder does not give
me an option to enter that information either. In fact, it apparently only
refers to email forwarded inline and not as an attachment. I believe that,
that should be modified also.

Can anyone assist me on this? I am willing to supply any information required.



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