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--- Comment #10 from Gour <gour at atmarama.com> ---

I did spend some time in #claws some time ago and learn that current Claws devs
are not interested for this feature, but, unfortunately, it was the reason to
leave Claws-mail after beeing its user for very long time.

Moreover, migration from Claws to Evolution is tying me to GNOME (Linux)
without much choice. :-(

That's all due to the desire to be able to sync our (me & my wife) contacts and
calendars with out Android phones via instance of ownCloud server which is, I
believe, a modest request in 2015 after using Linux since '99.

I was trying to use khal/khard cli apps which work very well with vdirsyncer
and e.g. can khard can be used as mutt's address book, but the problem is that
Claws does lack support to, at least, import/export *.vcf (vCard) and/or.ics
files which would be, imho, much more useful than fiddling with LDAP.

In any case, if more people shows interest for it and/or someone with the
skills becomes enthusiastic to implement CalDAV/CardDAV support in Claws, it
would greatly enhance the functionality of Claws and I'm sure I'd gladly return

At the moment, I've to tolerate less-powerful mailer due to having more
'groupware' features, although i nrecent years with the advent of
Baikal/Radicale/ownCloud and mobile phones, ability to sync one's
contacts/calendars is simply a 'must' feature for common users and not some
extravagancy useful only for corporate/enterprise users.


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