[Users] sssl certificate update - whats claws doing ?

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Wed Dec 30 21:57:44 CET 2015


The latest reply from the Mail Service said exactly that. They switched back after only one day (!) when StartCom "got their act together" (freely translated), but the new certs will still be valid, although now not in usage.

Go figure, who would ever have imagined to get caught such a short time span with a server switching back to the previous certs in only one day ... ! Or better say, who would do such experiments with their users / customers ... ... maybe a small company, yes :)

> It just looks like you were caught in the middle of them switching
> the cert, and then switching (back) again.
> Claws Mail was right - it did encounter different certs from the
> saved one on 2 occasions.
> regards
> Paul

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