[Users] [Bug 3560] Bsfilter marking everything as spam

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Tue Dec 15 14:49:08 CET 2015


--- Comment #8 from wazz at ellijay.com ---
Further details on the Bsfilter marking everything as spam:  I have just
noticed that when I leave a folder where all the email (except from senders in
my address book) are marked as spam to view another folder, then return to the
original folder, the emails in the original folder are no longer marked as

This is very odd behavior.  I do not know if it is a bug, or what.  I would
really appreciate help in how to fix this, even if it means an absolutely clean
uninstall of Claws and its plugins, and then a reinstall.  I am a big fan of
Claws and have been using it for years.

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