[Users] multiple addresses of one account / polling email account aliases ?

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Tue Dec 15 02:18:59 CET 2015

Hello all, 

I'm still a little puzzled about the recent discussion about multiple addresses (and sorry, i lost the thread) for one account. This is just FMI, not a feature request, and gots nothing to do with claws in the first instance. But perhaps someone can still enlighten me ... ?

With claws, i can't poll specific aliases of one account (which is a quite common setup, in fact all my mail accounts have several aliases) but it's a  trivial task to filter the different recipients into respective folders. And i maintain pure topic (theme) folders anyway, they are not strictly organized after accounts. Like, there may be technical questions coming up in some other communication area and i may move that thread into some topic folder where it fits better. (It would even be ok to on-the-fly change my mail address within that moved thread, most people don't care or they don't even notice  :p )

So my question is .... would somebody be able to come up with a valid use case where i would need to poll aliases separately (if that's anyhow possible at the mailbox side) ?

I just can't see how this works out. Maybe i'm missing something totally important in my life ??

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