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Alberto Girlando alberto.girlando at unipr.it
Thu Dec 10 08:54:04 CET 2015

I am a new user of claws mail in a working
environment (before I used only at home
for exchanging ordinary mails.)

Everything works well, but today I discovered
a simple issue which for me may become a problem.

I have sent an e-mail with a *.txt attachment
(well, the extension was not *.txt but
in any case was an ASCII file). Now the attachment
was included in the mail, and with 64 encoding,
so it was unreadable. I found the way to
have it readable, by imposing an other encoding.
But in any case the the attachment was embedded in the mail,
which is very inconvenient as the file is
made to be read by an appropriate program.

I googled around, and made several trials, looking
at the possibility of changing something in the
preferences, but found nothing. Other attachments formats, like
libre office or pdf, are OK. Why ASCII by default are considered
part of the mail ? 

Any suggestion ?



Prof. Alberto Girlando
Parma University
Dipartimento di Chimica
Parco Area delle Scienze 17/a
43124-I Parma, Italy

Tf. +39 0521 905443
FAX +39 0521 905556
e-mail: girlando at unipr.it
www: http://continfo.chim.unipr.it/mmaa/

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