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Fri Dec 4 10:19:46 CET 2015

Hello Michael,

On Fri, 4 Dec 2015 03:02:52 +0100 Michael <codejodler at gmx.ch> wrote:

> ok, that's a joke :) i just wanted to tell you my last enlightenment.
> I tried to _work_ with their 'Mail' but it's nearly impossible - at least with more than one account and some traffic. It's not the only iPad thing that's simple to the extent of being a mere cripple (albeit nice-looking). I wonder if iOS users even understand what you can do with the system "Email".

I had a quick experience w/ Apple's Email app and I think it's exactly
the same in Windows Phone's email app. Ultra-basic features only (and
even, "select all" is not possible), a GUI for children/noobs, and it
even does wrong things (IMAP: not storing sent emails on server), no
option at all in addition to that.


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