[Users] Changing from Seamonkey mail client

Paul Marwick paul.marwick at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 14:01:58 CEST 2015

I've used Seamonkey for email for a long time. My primary account is a 
gmail account, and I've used Seamonkey filters to sort the mail I get 
into "folders", simply because I found setting up gmail labels too time 
consuming and too inflexible.

Seamonkey is becoming increasingly obsolete. As a result, I decided to 
try Claws again. Generally, I'm impressed -t light, fast and has no 
problems with security when it comes to self-signed keys (I look after a 
number of small business servers which have such keys).

I have hit a few problems. First, I used the filter translating utility 
to convert my Seamonkey filters to Claws format. Most of them work, but 
a few don't, and my attempts to fix the broken ones have so far failed. 
I'm looking for more information on filtering to see if I can track why 
some of my filters don't work.

I've also hit an odd behaviour problem which may be intended or may be a 
bug, not sure. I'm not very fond of the three pane view, would rather 
use two panes and open messages in a separate window. That works, but 
I've found navigating from message to message is a bit odd. If I press 
space bar to scroll through a message, when it reaches the end of the 
message, it goes back to the top, instead of moving to the next unread 
message (the behaviour I would expect after years of using Seamonkey or 
Mutt). That's not a big problem, I can get used to that. However, I then 
need to either use the "n" key to move to the next message or use the 
mouse to select the next arrow from the toolbar. What I'm puzzled by is 
that these two options work differently, at least when used in a message 
window. The toolbar next marks the message as read and moves to the next 
message. The "n" key moves the the next message, but does not mark the 
message as read. Is this intended behaviour, or is it a bug?

If its intended, how do I change it so that "n" marks the message as 
read and moves to the next message? If its a bug, how do I report it?

I've read several articles on setting Claws up for use with gmail, but 
haven't used any of them, since when I logged into my gmail account for 
the first time from Claws, it detected a folder structure and rebuilt it 
(presumably translating the labels that my Seamonkey filters set). I'm 
not sure I can go back to use the structure suggested in the articles on 
using gmail, but I'm wondering if some of the problems I'm seeing with 
Claws may be related to it seeing the remnants of the Seamonkey 
filtering rules.


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