[Users] geeqie saving images inernally into random locations

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Tue Aug 11 14:20:55 CEST 2015

Thee it is again !

I got an email with several fotos attached (base64, normal attachment, contenty tape image/jpeg). I scrolled down to one of them and right-mouse clicked on the image itself (this detail seems to be imprtant) and said 'open'. Then my image viewer (geeqie) opened a copy saved in the 'queue' folder !

 I tried to reproduce this and restarted claws. This time, and the next couple of tries, any image opened after being saved into my home folder (~).

Right now, while i'm composing this mail (which is no related to the received foto mail; and which regularly created a temp verson in 'drafts'), then opened images are saved into the 'draft' folder too.

When i click on the tiny image icons in the bar right to the mail text window, then geeqie always opens them in 'mimetmp'. 

i wonder if this behavior (saving in the 'pwd' of claws ?) can be triggered by the viewer (geeqie) rather than claws, when it somehow does not parse the parameters correctly ? 

"Open with" shows: geeqie '%s' however, when i replace geeqie with xloadimage, it still saves into 'drafts'. 

This is claws 3.11.1.


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