[Users] Wtf?! Claws doesn't find my accounts anymore!

Ralf Hutter rhutter at posteo.de
Tue Aug 4 16:51:49 CEST 2015

Hello everybody,
i am writing this to you via webmail. When starting Claws from the 
taskbar it asks me to set up an account because it finds none!
I installed it on Saturday! I set up two normal accounts (let's call 
them A and B) and a third one only for SMTP. When i opened Claws today, 
B was gone! Now, nothing at all!
In folderlist.xml i see at least the data from A.
In the folder imapcache there's a folder for A and one for B.
When i want to start the program from the taskbar, i get a response: 
Error with the converting of the address book. New user, index file 
could not be saved.
When trying from shell, i get: ** (claws-mail:3183): WARNING **: no 
permission (and then the address book file)
When trying with sudo it works, Claws opens and shows me account A, but 
still the shell responds:
(claws-mail:3224): Claws-Mail-WARNING **: filtering parsing: 1: syntax 

Any idea, what has happened?

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