[Users] Message list and Message display out of sync

Tom Ashley tomashleyjr at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 19:36:04 CEST 2014


I have a problem with claws-mail that began 2-3 weeks ago that I hope
someone on the list can help me solve.

System:  Debian testing, 64 bit, Claws-mail 13.10.1

Problem:  The messages on the message list do not correspond with the
displayed messages.  For example, in my Debian folder, I have a number
of messages from the Debian user mail listing.  When I select a message
from list, a totally different message appears in the display.  This
makes searching for and/or selecting messages totally unreliable.

Steps I've taken to try to resolve:
	Cleared imapcache.
	Rebuilt folder tree.

	Searched claws log for clues.

	Searched via google.

	Removed local config files and reconfigured.

	Deleted claws-mail and reinstalled.

	Reconfigured package via "dpkg-reconfigure claws-mail"

	Checked the bug files for similar problems.

I've had no success so far.  I've even tried using other mail clients
instead (kmail, evolution, icedove), but I really want to continue
using claws.  

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Tom Ashley

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