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Tue Sep 23 05:23:03 CEST 2014

On 14-09-22 02:46 PM, pete nikolic wrote:
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> "B. S." <bs27975 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 14-09-21 12:15 PM, pete nikolic wrote:
>>> Do i hear the whimper of MS in there  ?
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> Well we can at least agree on one thing   got out of it when Linux was still text
> only  never looked back   ..

But we inherently run into a problem, though, being I.T. ...

We exist to help users. And they are, and will always be, running gui's 
in this day and age. To best appreciate their situation, then, we must 
too if we are to be the help and solution providers to them we try to 
be. (I can't imagine going back to wordstar to write documentation.)

They may be misguided in some things, or not know how best to get there, 
or why some things are unreasonable, but their underlying desires and 
intent are honest - to get on with their day in fashions *they* 
-intuitively- understand as quickly and efficiently as possible, so they 
can get on with making things out of the data, not how to go about doing 
so, nor the maintenance of the systems necessary for them to be able to 
do so. The workflow -they- wish, unreasonable or no, are our design 
parameters - the I.T. tail cannot be wagging the user dog.

Myself, still don't get tablets / no keyboards.

Even a long time I.T. guy with a tablet, who knows 'better' - even he 
notes he's no longer willing to edit posts and bottom post. Users just 
aren't, and we'll have to deal. Just too much and aggravating on a 
tablet. He and they are not alone, and they are growing faster than the 

Yet we 'I.T. guys' created and delivered to those users ... tablets, 
smart phones, ...

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