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Paul Rolland (=?UTF-8?B?44Od44O844Or44O744Ot44Op44Oz?=) rol at witbe.net
Mon Sep 22 10:41:53 CEST 2014


On Mon, 22 Sep 2014 10:33:50 +0200
Carlos Becker <carlosbecker at gmail.com> wrote:

> but is it possible to put/copy sent emails to _both_ sent and inbox?
> that would make it easier to search for sent emails and to have the
> threaded view as well.
> would the best option be to add a post-processing filter?

What I do is simply ask Claws to Cc: me automatically for each account I'm
interested in a full thread view ;)
Configuration > Edit accounts...
  Select the account and click Edit
    Goto to "Compose"
      In "Automatically set the following addresses", I've checked
      and put my email address associated with that account.

Hope this helps,

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