[Users] [Bug 3288] New: Set default message view NOT threaded.

B. S. bs27975 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 10:17:51 CEST 2014

On 14-09-20 11:25 AM, pete nikolic wrote:
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> One day top posting WILL die

Actually, no, it won't, it will be bottom posting that does.

Not to get into a flamewar, but bottom posting is a relic from NNTP 
days, largely long gone - in favour of e-mail readers. This is, after 
all, an e-mail group, not a newsgroup. Things get used as people do - 
they don't get, nor care, what was and is the past, they just do what's 
most convenient to them and get on with their day. That may be 
inconsiderate and selfish, but it is what it is, and that doesn't seem 
to matter to them. Despite many efforts it hasn't taken and it should be 
obvious by now that it never will. More newcomers appear faster than any 
edumacation can overcome their natural inclinations, and they're not 
inclined to overcome natural inclinations. They're too busy ignoring 
convention and getting on with their day, in whatever way is fastest and 
most convenient to them. The world and use of E-MAIL is wider than I.T.

Devices and apps have moved on. Newsreading has been grafted on to 
e-mail, not the other way around. E-mail clients are ubiquitous, while 
NNTP clients are not. For the user, it's all e-mail, and they're not 
going to track which type is which type from what input source. They're 
just not, and they don't.

I'm sorry, I do feel your pain. But it is what it is. Whining about it 
merely consumes oxygen pointlessly. Deal. And stop wasting our oxygen in 
the process, please.

> I have almost ZERO mail that is not threaded therefore default threaded is the
> Correct option for me  .
> YMMV mine is fixed and stationary

As is mine.

What you seem to be missing is ... nothing changes for you. You lose 
nothing. This use case doesn't impact you.

Since that is the case, why are you whining?

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