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On Sat, 20 Sep 2014 09:37:32 -0400
"B. S." <bs27975 at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello B.,

>Sorry - not so. By definition, users have already had their out of box 
>experience. Nothing here suggests any changes for them.

Depends on how the software sets things up.  It can be that software
doesn't set instructions in the config file unless/until the default is
changed.  Under such circumstances a change of default behaviour will
change things for people that have not altered the default.  That's
*always* bad.  If CM writes a setting at install, then yes, existing
users remain unaffected.

>And, I daresay, there are many more users to come than there are

Frankly, I doubt it (although thee will be some more).  More and more
people are using a web browser for email, not an MUA.  In fact, the move
seems to be to use a browser for everything.

>The advantages to the new user have already been listed - no down side 
>for them, only upside.

I disagree.  Although it's not me that needs convincing, but the dev

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