[Users] [Bug 3276] No convenient way to quickly mark mails as read

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Fri Sep 5 21:38:32 CEST 2014


--- Comment #6 from nfxjfg at googlemail.com ---
>You can already do exactly that.

Well, I couldn't find out.

Anyway, now I've assigned a key to mark messages unread. I tried to mark a
thread as unread by using the cursor keys to move to every unread message, and
pressing the hotkey to mark it as read. But - claws blocks the UI until it's
"done" marking the message. Probably waits for the network. This makes marking
many messages very slow and you have to _wait_ on it.

Please, it's 2014. Humans shouldn't have to wait on computers.

Should I file a separate bug report for this? (If I haven't already.)

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