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Brad Rogers brad at fineby.me.uk
Fri Sep 5 17:18:20 CEST 2014

On Fri, 5 Sep 2014 20:11:48 +0530
Rajib Bandopadhyay <bkpsusmitaa at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Rajib,

>My idea was that if I don't provide
>username or password, the server will
>ask for the same.

It doesn't.  As the email you received(1) from ES indicates, to use
anything other than the E-S hierarchy, you must always authenticate. IOW,
log in.

{time passes}

Ah, I see from your follow up you've got things up and running.

(1) why send it here as a PDF?  Just attaching the mail would have
been easier.  Making a 4k email into a 30k PDF wastes people's time,
bandwidth and money.  Still, it could have been worse;  I've seen people
send (not to this list, I hasten to add) 200k screen grabs to show a
dialog box with a 30 character text string in it.  Doing the screen grab
and attaching it to the email probably took longer than typing in the
text would have done.

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