[Users] POP3S - SSL Handshake Failures.

ENI info at endeavor-networks.com
Wed Sep 3 01:39:55 CEST 2014

> I don't run Windows; but maybe the attached wireshark summary might
> be of some use...  it was a dry poll (no new mail).


Thank you for the effort.

Unfortunately, the Wireshark "summary" doesn't contain the level of
detail necessary. While it does refer to the higher layer protocol as
SSLv3, it doesn't back that up with version information for the Record
Layer, Handshake, or client Client Hello.

In contrast, when we examine the protocol decode of our successful
connection with the "gnutls-cli" utility, using the Wireshark GUI, we
also see the higher layer protocol referred to as SSL. However, that
"SSL" decode is really comprised of a TLSv1.2  Record Layer, a SSL 3.0
Handshake, and a TLS 1.2 Client Hello.

It's easy to draw the wrong conclusion when the decode provides
insufficient detail.

We're going to do a fresh claws-mail-3.10.1-pkg56 (Win32) install on a
system which has not previously known CM, and determine the level of
functionality it provides.

Based on those results, we'll choose a course of action.

Best Regards,

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