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Sat Nov 22 10:17:45 CET 2014

Hello tmp,

On Sat, 22 Nov 2014 07:34:59 +0000 tmp 2014 <tmp.2014 at outlook.com> wrote:

> Colin,
> while
>  I appreciate your extensive efforts with Clawsmail's different 
> versions, and the difficulty of working with Windows, I would like to 
> remind you that the overwhelming majority of computer users are still 
> using Windows.
> Please concentrate some more efforts on this platform too. 
> Also, is it really so difficult to make the color themes changeable in Windows?

You're obviously right, the most part of personal computer are using
Windows. And this most part of computers are maybe even moving to be
phablets, running Android (grosso modo).

There's something you might have not noticed yet: the Claws Mail product
and the team behind it historically simply don't care about Windows.
It's historically born and has grown on GNU/Linux, because people who
created and are still maintaining/using it are Linux users and damn
shit happy with it, with a very specific idea of what kind of mail
client they want (lightweight, powerful, flexible etc., nothing that
included cross-platform non-POSIX portability, you will have noticed).
The Windows port and support is gently provided *as it is*, as a
courtesy and is *very* limited. We often make few improvements to it
(Colin does), it's not given that we could afford more even if we would
receive financial contributions: it's also a question of time and

The other thing which is maybe even more important: there is nothing
about democracy in the way a software project is led (ask Microsoft
about it!), and there is absolutely no rule that says "because the most
popular system is X, you have to support this system because once
you've made a partial support for this system and probably made the
error to think it was a good idea to port your product to this system".
Doing such request, you may receive a reply like: "OK, since now we
definitely stop supporting Windows, because our user base is tiny and
an because the dumb Windows user base is not at all the one addressed
by this product since the beginning".

BTW, the most part of the population is talking on the Internet using
its real name or at least using a fake first name. Could we ask you to
use a real human name instead of "tmp"? I think that now, you get the


wwp (yes, me too)
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