[Users] order of names in tab-completion

George Avrunin avrunin at math.umass.edu
Mon Nov 10 22:43:46 CET 2014

I've just updated to 3.11.1 on Fedora 20, from 3.10.1 and encountered a
problem with the new tab-completion on addresses.

I have a correspondent who has the following addresses (with the actual name
     name at gmail.com
     name at cs.cmu.edu
     name at andrew.cmu.edu
     different_name at comcast.net
All these addresses are current and work, but most of my current
correspondence with her goes to the gmail address.  Occasionally, when
there's been an issue with connectivity or with CC addressees who should see
only one of the other addresses, I need to use one of the CMU addresses or
even the Comcast one.

I had an addressbook entry with the person's name and the email addresses
listed in this order.  When I would type the person's first name and hit
<tab>, the addresses would be offered for completion in this order and I only
had to hit <enter>, except in the unusual cases where I needed one of the
other addresses.   But with 3.11.1, the names come up in reverse order, and I
have to select the gmail address with the mouse or the arrow keys. 

Using the addressbook feature that allows changing the order in which the
email addresses are listed in the addressbook entry for that person has no
effect on the order in which the names are offered in tab-completion.  

Is there a way to control the order in which tab-completion offers the
names?   If not, what's the purpose of being able to change the order in the
addressbook entry?  

I also have two people in my addressbook with first name Stefan, one who's
last name starts with C and one whose last name starts with L.  The first
one's email address starts with "c..." and the second's email address starts
with "Stefan.L....".  If I do tab-completion on "stefan", I get the second
person's address first.  This doesn't fit with my understanding of the new
ordering.  Is it because "stefan" matches "beginning of email address"? and
this comes ahead of the alphabetical stuff?  Is there a way to control the
order in which these names are offered by completion?



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