[Users] External editor?

Michael Schwendt bugreporter at abwesend.de
Mon Nov 10 11:14:02 CET 2014

On Mon, 10 Nov 2014 17:06:27 +1100, blind Pete wrote:

> > > So, the drop down list should contain the lines; 
> > 
> > No, those are examples of what you can write into that field. You are
> > not restricted to the items in the drop-down list.
> That is exactly why they should contain non-obvious useful options
> like, "put the editor into email mode".  Anyone can override it or
> delete it, as they see fit, but _it_just_works_ for the newbie
> _right_out_of_the_box_.  

Doubtful. A newbie would use the internal editor and certainly not Emacs
or Vi and its derivatives.   And anyone, who reconfigures Claws Mail to
use an external editor will likely activate personal preferences anyway.

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