[Users] Jump to an arbitrary message in folder?

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Sun Nov 9 06:39:48 CET 2014

This is one of of those things that are fairly minor, but because they
happen all the time the stress of fighting them accumulates.

Quite often I want to jump to some other message in the same folder,
based on what I see in the summary.  I don't want to lift my hands from
the keyboard to fondle the pointing device.  Currently I use the arrow
keys but this has (at least) two disadvantages:

1. Claws will try to fetch and render every message in between which can
take a while if they're large.

2. Every message in between will potentially be marked read.  This can
be helped with the "Mark message as read when selected, after ..."
setting, but that has its own disadvantages :-(

So, I am looking for a way to jump directly to a particular message,
without clicking on it.  For example. in Gnus (and maybe in Mutt, not
sure) you can type a sequence like "1 2 3 g" to jump to message #123.
Is there something like it in Claws?  If not, should there be?

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