[Users] "Put deleted messages in . . . " ignored

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Fri Nov 7 14:04:22 CET 2014

On Fri, 7 Nov 2014 11:32:11 +0000 Graham P Davis wrote:

>Instead of dumping all my deleted messages in the same waste-bin, I
>decided to configure my accounts to use their own trash-cans. To
>verify that it worked, I set up a new trash folder and edited an
>account to "put deleted messages in . . ." the new folder.
>Unfortunately, I verified that it didn't work. Deleted messages still
>went in the general trash and my new folder remained disappointingly
>Is there something I've missed in setting this up or does it just not
Sounds like you set up ONE MH mailbox and added accounts when what you
want is to add one MH mailbox per account:

   File->Add mailbox->MH... (for each account - what you want)
      (On initial setup, Claws adds the first account [1])
      Add account & change the Account->Receive->Default inbox to 
      point to the correct MH mailbox
   one MH mailbox (what you did):
      Configuration->create new account...
      Configuration->Edit accounts...->New

It should look like this:
  Account1 (MH) [1]
  Account2 (MH)

instead of simply:
  Mail (MH) [1]

[1] on initial setup, you had the option to change Mail to Account1
    You can't rename a mailbox; but you can add one per account, naming
    them, then delete "Mail (MH)" (after moving your messages to
    appropriate account mailboxes).


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