[Users] [Bug 2939] make Sort By/Thread Date the default

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Thu Nov 6 02:48:18 CET 2014


--- Comment #21 from Adam Nielsen <a.nielsen at shikadi.net> ---
I just got bitten by this bug too.  I deleted some e-mail and Claws then showed
the contents of my Trash in the inbox folder (a bug I sometimes run into) but
switching out and into the inbox a few times got it showing my inbox in the
inbox folder again, but a few recent messages I had just moved with rules were
missing.  I went to check in the destination folder and they weren't there!

Cue research on logging message deletes on the IMAP server because I no longer
trust Claws as it deleted some important e-mail without warning.  But then a
server-side search found the messages and they were in the correct folder, but
Claws wasn't showing them for some reason.  In the end I figured out that
because the e-mail thread had been going on since 2011, the new e-mails were
half way up the folder in the middle of the 2011 stuff, instead of right at the
end with all the other 2014 mail.

It would be really nice if there was an option to pick your favourite sort
order and then apply it to all folders.  That would solve the problem and keep
everyone happy.  As it stands now, if I forget to change the sort for each of
the hundreds of IMAP folders one by one then I can easily get bitten again
(this isn't the first time, just the first time it happened with important

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