[Users] help with missing entries in filter log

Ivan Nazarenko ivan.nazarenko at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 20:10:16 CET 2014

Kubuntu 14.04 with its default CM 3.9.3 here. A few accounts configured, all of them with POP servers (no IMAP), and a dozen filters, mostly just separating some mail lists to their respective folders.

And bogofilter on two spammy accounts.

I want to debug why some messages are being dumped into the "unsure" bogofilter folder, when should be trashed by some prior rule instead. From what I have here:

- I have this filter rule: ACCOUNT: All COND: to_or_cc matchcase "nina.com.br" ACTION: move "#mh/Mailbox/trash" stop
- After above rule, I have: ACCOUNT: main COND: test "bogofilter -u < %F" ACTION: move "#mh/Mailbox/trash" stop
- and the last rule: ACCOUNT: sales COND: test "bogofilter -u < %F" ACTION: move "#mh/Mailbox/trash" stop

Although the trashing nina.com.br rule, I still get some messages on unsure folder. For instance, right this one passed through:

X-Bogosity: Unsure, spamicity=0.941095
Return-Path: <update+zj4y4cfy4z49 at facebookmail.com>
To: Tiffany Carrier <tiffanycarrier at nina.com.br>
From: "Facebook" <update+zj4y4cfy4z49 at facebookmail.com>
How bogofilter got the message prior the trashing rule? The rule seems clear and there are a "stop" there!

Trying to debug this, I viewed the filtering.log file. Those messages that got trough DO NOT appear there! But they were obviously processed by bogofilter, given the X-Bogosity header there.

So, how come some messages are not logged?

And in the filtering.log file I get, for each message logged:

[16:30:45] filtering message (incorporation)
message file: /home/ivan/.claws-mail/tempfolder/processing/778

That number (778, above) is different for each message, usually incrementing by 1 for sequential messages, but sometimes the number jumps up by a few or many units. I do not know if this is related or not to the above problem.

Thank you for any help.


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