[Users] External editor?

Michael Schwendt bugreporter at abwesend.de
Wed Nov 5 18:44:09 CET 2014

On Wed, 5 Nov 2014 17:35:42 +0000, Brad Rogers wrote:

> Thomas Taylor wrote:
> Hello Thomas,
> >I want to be able to select which editor (kate, vim, emacs) I wish to
> >edit an email reply with.  
> Where Charles said.  It seems to be a two step process though;  Click
> Reply, then click the "editor" button in the tool bar of the composer
> window.
> IOW, I've not found a way to call the preferred editor directly.

Preferences > Compose > Writing > Editing

albeit with confirmation that you can only define a single external
editor that will be used. If you want to choose between multiple
external editors, the ugly workaround would be to reconfigure the
preferences (and it may also work to launch a tiny GUI helper program
that can launch multiple editors).

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