[Users] OT: X-Mailer information

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Sun Nov 2 17:12:46 CET 2014


In the mail header, you can right-click any address and choose 'replay to this address'. From the devlopers point of view, this would be the most safe way to offer. It's not easy for developers to know what exactly a user wants and there are always tons of options.

> If I use reply I do not want to send to the list, but instead I want to
> send a privat mail. If I chose to reply to all, I want to send to the
> mailing list only.

As i know it, this is not standard as for the meaning of those terms. But you can partly configure this by creating a separate folder for claws mail list, and configure the folder settings (right click 'properties').

Alternatively, try the main Preferences -> toolbars -> main view where you can chose the action performed for a specific toolbar button. You might be able to change the 'reply to all' behavior that way.

hth mi

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