[Users] [Bug 3119] add plugin to display QR-Code for avatar

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Tue Mar 25 12:47:04 CET 2014


--- Comment #4 from Christian Hesse <mail at earthworm.de> ---
For me there are at least two use cases:

* Get a unique icon for every sender, just like libravatar's fallback to
identicon, retro or whatever. QR-Codes are just black and white, but you will
recognize some pixel combinations just easily.
* Scan with your phone: Add the person to your phone's address book or send a
mail (if for any reason claws-mail can display the message but sending is not
(* Currently claws-mail does not print the avatar. If it does you could easily
answer a mail printed to paper.)

And possible more. :D

Other than that it is just a nice example for what is possible with the avatar
API. And it would not hurt anybody, just not loading (or even compiling) the
plugin brings no extra cost.

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