[Users] [Bug 3089] Crash when losing network connection while fetching IMAP data

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Thu Mar 20 13:51:43 CET 2014


--- Comment #3 from Christopher Barry <christopher.r.barry at gmail.com> ---
This is happening to me as well - several times a day. It did so in past as
well, but it feels like since upgrading to 3.9.3 it's only gotten worse. I'm
running Debian SID.

In the middle of typing an email, it'll just segfault if the IMAP server is
busy or something. I'm certain GoDaddy's IMAP servers suck, but that should
never cause the email client to segfault.

One thing I don't really understand, is why do local folders *not* appear
immediately when re-starting after a crash, or when starting at any time? Maybe
it's me, but it would seem to make sense to load all local data immediately,
then try to hit the server(s) for accounts in the background asynchronously,
updating the displayed list if and when the data becomes available. Blocking
while the application tries to connect to a remote machine seems very, well,
'Windowsy' to me. Is there some reason this does not occur in a non-blocking


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