[Users] Reply to all - but not to myself

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Thu Mar 20 01:37:24 CET 2014


It seems to happen when i reply to a mail in my 'sent' folder.

Well i already had the feeling my 'anticpated question' explanation would not work :)

Now a step for step example. It's just one typical case.

Let's say i send a mail to 3 persons, with some links to one topic, or maybe with some video cuts attached. (for example, using my own videos to demonstrate something, let's say, about soundtrack mixing)

Next i want to continue with a *related* topic, in another mail, with different links or media files. 

But i want it to be threaded because finally it's all about one area of interest. So i reply to my own already sent mail via 'reply to all'.

This gets my own address into one 'to' header (and the others in CC). At this point, i use to change all 'CC' into '√ĄTo' and delete my own address.
A little bit tedious, and there, my question is, is there a better way.

I wonder if i can use preconfigured 'to' groups from the address book to ease the thing ?

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