[Users] Reply to all - but not to myself

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Wed Mar 19 22:01:02 CET 2014


Is there is a 'reply to all' feature, maybe hidden in some key shortcut, that does not include the sender ?

Just to answer the possible next question (what do i need this for), here is the explanation ...

I'm used to split long mails into topic parts, to make it easier to answer to the different topics. It's way more usable in support, or in proposals with different aspects. For example, if i answer several questions (of one mail) about different things, or if i send media attachments to different aspects. Knowing modern mail usage of non-professionals (despite being in professional business), or rather, mail chaos where it is more and more common to never delete anything written, i also generally try to separate huge media attachments from the more technical written explanations, so the recipient may decide to delete the attachment mail and keep only the text, which should benefit mail storage (and maybe netload) on their side.

I'm doing these splits by right-click 'reply to' on the recipient mail address within my own sent mail (in the 'sent' folder or in the qeueue folder) to have them have it in thread order. I hope this crude formulation is clear enough.

This creates a certain hassle whenever i write to several recipients, because i would need the 'reply to all' button, but it always includes the sender address as well (i.e. my own address) and i don't want this. Think of huge attachments i don't want to download next time i pop mail.

Since claws has so many ways of doing things, i wonder if i just missed some 'workaround'.

tia micha

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