[Users] Folders are empty when composing message???

Sébastien ml at terranean.eu
Mon Mar 3 00:47:41 CET 2014

Le 2014-03-02 à 11:04, jdebert a écrit:
> While writing a message I changed folders to look at other messages
> and they were all empty. I returned to the folder I was in when I
> opened the compose window and it was also empty. The message listings
> only reappeared after restarting claws-mail.

This makes me think you might have used the quick-search bar, failed to
find any message matching to your search query, and forgot to clear the
search query.

In that case, the search results clear the folder listings in any
folder you go to until you clear the query (button, on the far right of
the search field). It also clears itself after restarting Claws.


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