[Users] [Bug 3097] crashes when accessing different gmail folders or when deleting messages

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--- Comment #9 from Michael Schwendt <mschwendt at gmail.com> ---
> how can i know what libs is claws using?
> ldd *something* ?

For example. But since you want to figure out which Debian packages the
libraries are included in, you would need to query you package database for the
package names. At Fedora one would simply run "debuginfo-install claws-mail",
and that would install all -debuginfo packages with the help of a package
dependency resolver.

> > The IMAP connection to a Google Mail server can be interrupted/lost,
> > too, for >various reasons.
> i understand that, but i guess the problem is not there, weeks ago when
> gmail went down claws never crashed.

Well, then it would be even more important to generated full/detailed
backtraces and also find out the steps how to reproduce the crash.

I am not a Claws Mail developer, just somebody who observed incoming problem
reports at Fedora, and IMAP access together with GMail is Claws Mail's
weak(est) spot for a very long time. It's not the only problem, however.
Sometimes users are impatient when waiting for an IMAP action (facing a server
connection timeout, for instance) and repeat the same mouse-clicks, which
"sometimes" also manages to crash Claws Mail because of a race condition
somewhere. Interrupting an active IMAP session (by going offline or stopping
the network in Network Manager) is one way to crash Claws Mail, not reliably,
but as a demonstration that something in that area is unstable.

That's why I've pointed at bug 3089 comment 2 and the other tickets linked

If you think you're facing an entirely different problem, more details will be

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