[Users] [Bug 3237] Can't open auto saved drafts in drafts folder

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> Now I'm confused. So what is the actual problem that you are reporting?

Sorry for confusion. It's a little bit hard to explain, but I try it again.

I now checked if the problem has something to do with my old config folder
(.claws-mail). So I made a backup of it and created a whole new config. I
discovered that the problem only occurs when the option "Move deleted mails to
trash and expunge immediately" is *not* set.

So the steps to reproduce the problem on my systems are:

1. open Claws Mail and click on compose/write new mail 
2. write something in the mail til the autosave feature made for example 3
3. now it shows 3 new unread messages in draft folder, even though they are
marked already as deleted by claws mail itself (formerly claws mail didn't show
new unread messages in draft folder and this is the behavior I prefered)
4. send the mail

And after that steps it disturbs me that I have new unread messages in draft
folder. So

5. I change to drafts folder and select one of the unread already marked as
deleted mail and want the status set to read (which is normally done when the
mail is shown in the preview under the message list) but in the preview it

"This message can't be displayed. This is probably due to a network error..."

And now there are three workaround options:

- press Ctrl + E to expunge in the draft folder
- open all three (already deleted) copys in a new window
- restart claws mail

I hope you now understand what's the problem and maybe even can reproduce it.

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