[Users] CM not persisting in state

Cliff Laine clifflaine at europe.com
Fri Jul 25 20:40:57 CEST 2014

Hello all, this isn't a question but more a comment. 

I installed Lubuntu today, whose native email client is Sylpheed, which I am using to post this. I installed CM from the repositories, and changed lots of default settings (mainly the stupid default American date format), width of columns, and so on. I then logged out, and rebooted, to test the stability of the parameters I had set.

It doesn't preserve them between boots or logins. I reverted to Sylpheed and it does. 

I would prefer to use CM. My only guess is that perhaps I have not specified the command line accurately in the autostart programs in Lubuntu. It isn't easy to add programs to Autostart -- you have to know the precise command line with all the arguments and add them to some file buried in some branch of usr.

However, I think one should still try. Is there a command line with arguments that would preserve my CM set-up between logouts and reboots?


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