[Users] [SOLVED] CLUE?: where's the window creation code...

Brad Rogers brad at fineby.me.uk
Fri Jul 25 12:24:52 CEST 2014

On Thu, 24 Jul 2014 15:44:51 -0400
pf at pfortin.com wrote:

Hello pf at pfortin.com,

>Dang...  awesome answer!!

Well, I wouldn't go that far.   :-)

>You da man!!!   THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're welcome, but I simply pointed you in the right direction, you did
all the work.  

>[1] In my case, right-click is set to send window to the back; but there
>is a Window Menu at top-left in Oxygen (default) theme.

I often forget that the window menu is available from the there;  I
always access it from title bar, because I find it easier.  Plus, I
haven't (re)assigned right click to another function.

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