[Users] [Bug 3231] segfault on unload python

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Holger Berndt <hb at claws-mail.org> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Holger Berndt <hb at claws-mail.org> ---
I think what you're seeing is not a problem in the plugin itself, but in user
code in python scripts that you let the plugin call.

If your user code does something that cannot be reversed in a running process,
there is nothing the plugin can do about that.

I know this problem with registering on the D-Bus as it's done in the example
startup script. In fact, judging from the backtrace and from the fact that your
problem behaves differently whether you log in remotely via ssh or not makes it
seem you're using exactly that.

Marking this bug as invalid as I don't know what the plugin could do to heal
this in the general case. As for the concrete D-Bus case, if somebody knows how
the D-Bus registration that the startup script does can be undone in the
shutdown script, I'd happily add it to the example. I'm aware that having an
example script that causes problems on unload is not ideal. However, I find the
use case of remote-control over D-Bus more interesting than the use case of
unloading the plugin (who would ever want to do that, anyways? ;)

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