[Users] Mark ALL as read?

Holger Berndt berndth at gmx.de
Wed Jul 23 22:16:42 CEST 2014

On Mi, 23.07.2014 18:17, Andrej Kacian wrote:

>> Thanks for your response, Andrej.  I already use that shortcut (shift-c) BUT
>> it only works on the folder you are in, not the entire mailbox.  I'm looking
>> for a way to mark the entire Mailbox (MH) AND ALL sub-folders at once.
>I do not think Claws Mail allows you to do that. On the other hand, I continue
>to be amazed what miracles Python plugin can do, perhaps it can be scripted.

Yes, it can be done with the Python plugin. In fact, a little extension
of this functionality is even shipped as an example script:

This script puts a further constraint on the messages to be marked as
read: They must be older than 28 days. If that is not wanted, just
remove all the lines mentioning "quicksearch".

This version of the script considers everything below the currently
selected folder or mailbox. Letting it behave differently (i.e. always
consider the whole mailbox of the selected folder, or consider all
mailboxes irrespective of the selected folder/mailbox) would require
minor adjustments.


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