[Users] Mark ALL as read?

Thomas Taylor linxt at comcast.net
Wed Jul 23 01:41:41 CEST 2014

Is there a keyboard shortcut that would mark ALL messages in the ~/Mail folder
as read, not just by individual folders?  Or would that be better done with a
pre-processing rule?

This would be useful on a secondary computer as I do ALL reading and replies on
my upstairs system and have not yet migrated the ~/Mail folder to the NAS box
(future project).  For now the secondary computer (in basement ham shack) serves
as a backup of the mail-folders or for reference only but I import mail daily to
keep it current.

Thanks, Tom

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Tom Taylor  KG7CFC
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16GB RAM -- 3x1.5TB sata2 -- 128GB-SSD
FF 27.0, claws-mail 3.10.0
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