[Users] [Bug 3222] failure to respond to SSL Certificate change results in UI hang

1 at victoriasjourney.com 1 at victoriasjourney.com
Fri Jul 11 21:36:31 CEST 2014

I just noticed this thread.  I was similarly affected (home, two gmail accounts accessed via Claws mail).  Accepting the gmail SSL certificate did
nothing (neither did a thorough Google search).  This is my solution:

I selectively disabled each gmail account (in Claws) and noted that the gmail account that I rarely use / haven't logged into for some time (at
Google.com) was the culprit.  On the Google.com website I logged out of my gmail1 account, logged into my gmail 2 account, then out of gmail2 and back
into gmail1 and re-enabled both gmail accounts again in Claws.

I haven't seen the SSL certificate popup since.  Hope it helps ...
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