[Users] Help with Python compose_any script

Paul claws at thewildbeast.co.uk
Thu Jul 10 20:06:25 CEST 2014

On Thu, 10 Jul 2014 13:39:43 -0400
Barry Warsaw <barry at python.org> wrote: 

> Now however I want to send work related emails through my corporate
> SMTP and everything else through the original SMTP.  Setting the
> From header, e.g. via:
>             clawsmail.compose_window.set_from(choice)
> does not select the account that the message is supposed to be sent
> from, and thus the correct SMTP is not chosen.

I don't use the plugin but looking at the provided examples, using

clawsmail.ComposeWindow("barry at python.org")

will select the account associated with the provided email address.

Maybe this will help you??

with regards


Guerre aux châteaux, Paix aux chaumières

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