[Users] Missing spell checker [Claws Mail, enchant, aspell, CentOS 6.5]

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Wed Jul 9 23:03:02 CEST 2014

Thank you for your reply.

> Do you have enchant-devel installed?
> If not claws will not build with "spell check" enabled.

No, I do not.

> Another possibility, I am not that familiar with CentOS, but have they,
> as have many other distros, switched to hunspell instead of aspell?

hunspell was previously installed, prior to all of this:

vstuart:$ whereis hunspell
hunspell: /usr/bin/hunspell /usr/share/man/man4/hunspell.4.gz /usr/share/man/man1/hunspell.1.gz

but Claws did not complile using that, either, so I am missing something critical, somewhere (files and/or method).

If I extract the enchant-devel rpm (in the enchant folder), it just adds a usr folder.  Q: If I go that approach, do I recompile enchant, then
recompile Claws?  Will the Claws recompile screw up my already working (configured/tweaked) Claws Mail installation?  Are there any paths / switches
thjat I need to include during those compiles (or add to the environment path, after).

Sorry for the questions: I am a long time (i.e. sudo access) Ubuntu user at home; CentOS / non-root installations are both rather new to me.

Again, appreciated!  Victoria  :-)
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