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> > This is a serious flaw.
> Overstatement!!

It would be REALLY interesting to see the use case for a thread sorted by the
oldest date.
It is hard to imagine a sane user of threads wanting anything other than sort
by the most recent email in the thread.
Imagine that someone replies to a thread that is a few weeks old, after maybe
50 emails already filtered to the same mailbox.  Never seen, even if it might
be urgent to respond to.
It is indeed a major dysfunction.

> > If I can configure a couple keystrokes to do a "View->Sort->By thread" I'll
> > probably use Claws anyhow, otherwise I'll have to continue my hunt for a
> > ecent MUA.
> You can.
> Just set whatever keyboard shortcut you like for /view/sort /by thread date
> (see
> http://www.claws-mail.org/faq/index.php/Interface#How_can_I_change_the_key-
> bindings_.28hot-keys.29_in_Claws_Mail.3F)

Alternately, Claws could be fixed to sort threads by the most recent element. 
And avoid the user having to re-sort just because they changed from non-thread
to thread view.

Assuming that you want thread users to use Claws, of course ...

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