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Tue Jul 1 01:03:40 CEST 2014


--- Comment #10 from longlegged.guy at gmail.com ---
Potential new user here, but it seems to me that if you're in not in thread
view, the behavior is sensible.

It seems to me that defining a thread date as the date of the newest message in
a thread makes sense because when people do a "View->Sort->By thread date"
they're going to want threads with recent messages to appear near other threads
with recent messages, and generally people want to look at recent messages
because those are the ones that usually require replies.

The problem for me is that when I'm in thread view, clicking on the Date column
seems to be equivalent to a "View->Sort->By date" which, at least to me, is not
a useful sort order for thread view as it does seem to sort by oldest message
in a thread.

This is a serious flaw. Of course one can go in and do another "View->Sort->By
thread date", but that's a lot of mouse movement just to get back to what I
want to be my default view.

If I can configure a couple keystrokes to do a "View->Sort->By thread" I'll
probably use Claws anyhow, otherwise I'll have to continue my hunt for a ecent

Separately my sent messages are appearing in some threads, but not others, but
that may have to do with how they were sent and what mailbox they're in and
would be a separate bug anyhow even if is Claws is to blame.

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