[Users] NNTP read articles re-appear (newsgroup list not updated when "mark all read"). bug?

Bernd Eckenfels bernd-2014 at eckenfels.net
Tue Jan 28 21:24:56 CET 2014


I have the problem that some newsgroups show unread articles after
Claws restart. No matter if I fetch from the news account or use sync
before I close claws no article is unread. I the restart claws and some
of the articles re-appear unread. I checked the NNTP log, and it
returns valid newsgroup numbers before and after the restart:

20:55:47] NNTP> GROUP xxx
[20:55:47] NNTP< 211 168 4651 4818 xxx

I use the "mark all read" function and quit claws, and then I check
newsgroup_list file:

xxx 4811 4648 y

(ie. 7 articles not "seen").

after restart:

[21:17:20] NNTP< Authentication succeeded
[21:17:20] NNTP> xxx
[21:17:21] NNTP< 211 168 4651 4818 xxx
* News├╝bersicht wird geholt: 4812 - 4818 in xxx... 
[21:17:21] NNTP> XOVER 4812-4818 
[21:17:21] NNTP< 224 Overview information for 4812-4818 follows 
[21:17:21] NNTP< [data - 2252 bytes]
[21:17:21] NNTP> XHDR newsgroups 4812-4818 

So the read status was not synced. If I go to "mark as read" again
and quit, the number will still be on 4811. Even when I actually
visit (shift+n) all unrad articles instead of "mark read".

I tried with "download
offline" and without, with and without "apply rules".

No changes. Looks
like somehow the read status is only updated in memory. The only thing
I noticed in claws.log is, that some newsgroups (Especially when idle
announce) have a articlecount of "n+1 n" which results in "illegal
range", but I guess thats typical (and the newsgroups with no articles
are not the ones which pop up).

Is there anything I need to call before quitting the program?

This is  3.9.3-31-gc98d95 on win7 x64. The nntp server uses auth and


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