[Users] mailbox is missing from folder list

Sébastien ml at terranean.eu
Sun Jan 26 21:16:57 CET 2014

Le 2014-01-26 à 10:59, testing at x84.org a écrit:
> File | Add mailbox | MH...
> (...)
> I am able to type into the text box in the dialogue.  It does not
> appear to be asking for a directory location.

It does - the default value ("Mail") adds and scans ~/Mail
Just enter the path to your mailbox that exists on the filesystem.
foo/bar/qux would add ~/foo/bar/qux 

An account name can be different than a mailbox name and mail can still
go to the right folders. Mentioning the name of the account won't
automagically find the mailbox within the filesystem (unless you both
named the same and the mailbox happens to be in your home directory).

This way, you can have complex mailbox/folder setups, such as several
accounts and just one mailbox with several subfolders, where incoming
mail from some specific accounts go to specific folders of the single
mailbox, etc. You're not tied to one mailbox and its matching account.

> and I copied down the Name of my account, ('dcsdcsdcsdc') and I
> provided this name as the location of the mailbox in the 'MH...'
> command.  It added a mailbox into the folder list with this name, but
> unfortunately, when I check mail, all of the mail goes into the inbox
> of a mailbox named 'Mailbox (MH)' and none of it goes into
> 'dcsdcsdcsdc (MH)'.

I never had to use "Rebuild folder tree" when I added back mailboxes,
but if you use the Add mailbox (MH) menu, you should be able to get back
your mailbox, its folders, messages, etc. from before you deleted it.
You might have to set some settings back to how they were though.

For new mail going to another mailbox, you can tell it to go to the
mailbox of your choice in Configuration > Account preferences
Edit (the appropriate account)
Page index (sidebar): Account > Receive
The "Default inbox" field does it.

For sent mail, drafts, etc. look in the Advanced tab in the sidebar.

Hope this helps.


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