[Users] mailbox is missing from folder list

testing at x84.org testing at x84.org
Sun Jan 26 19:59:19 CET 2014

Bonjour Sebastien,

I tried to right-click in the folder list, but there is no capability in
the contextual menu to add a mailbox.  Indeed, when I right-click in the
folder list, nothing happens, the contextual menu does not appear.

I can execute the following command:

File | Add mailbox | MH...   (I don't know what MH... means, but it is the
only option in the sub-menu so it is the only thing I can choose)

When I choose this mysterious 'MH...' command, I am presented with a
dialogue box which says:

Add mailbox
Input the location of mailbox.  If an existing mailbox is specified, it
will be scanned automatically.   Cancel | OK

I am able to type into the text box in the dialogue.  It does not appear
to be asking for a directory location.

Unfortunately the documentation does not seem to explain the terminology
or how to use this menu command.  I don't know how I can know the location
of a mailbox.  I don't know what the format of the location variable
should be.  Maybe it is a URI?

One thing I tried is I went to this menu command:

Configuration | Edit accounts

and I copied down the Name of my account, ('dcsdcsdcsdc') and I provided
this name as the location of the mailbox in the 'MH...' command.  It added
a mailbox into the folder list with this name, but unfortunately, when I
check mail, all of the mail goes into the inbox of a mailbox named
'Mailbox (MH)' and none of it goes into 'dcsdcsdcsdc (MH)'.

I really don't care what Claws wants to call my mailbox.  The reason that
this is a concern is because I want to use the command 'Rebuild folder
tree' so that I can have all of the folders in my account replicated
automatically in my CLAWS mailbox.  Unfortunately, the 'Rebuild folder
tree' command does not do... anything...  when I execute the command
'Rebuild folder tree', and I look at the network log, it shows that...
nothing happens... there is no attempt to communicate with the server.  I
assume that it is pulling from a cache from the last time I told it to
'rebuild folder tree' and I don't know how to get it to actually talk to
the server instead of pulling from a cache.

Fortunately, I live in the USA, where we are allowed to own guns, so if
nothing else works, I can always just shoot myself in the head... That
option seems very attractive right now!  :-)

Thanks for any advice you can provide!

> Le 2014-01-25 à 23:59, testing at x84.org a écrit:
>> Hi,
>> I just found this mailing list...
> Hello,
>> I deleted my mailbox from the folder list, and I'm unable to put it
>> back. It seems odd that the program would let you cripple the UI in
>> this manner, but not let you fix it.  Does anyone have any idea how I
>> can put a mailbox into the folder list?
> What have you tried that failed to put it back?
> File > Add mailbox...
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