[Users] Move some Claws mailboxes to Thunderbird?

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On Mon, 20 Jan 2014 07:04:40 -0800
"Victoria S." <1 at VictoriasJourney.com> wrote:

> ["solved"]  Jan 20, 2014
> Unfortunately in Claws it appears that you can only export one folder
> at a time:
>  -----------------------------
> * Select a mail folder (no subfolders)


You can copy whole trees, assuming you have access to an IMAP server.

* Make sure you have an account on the IMAP server. Gmail comes to
  mind, although you just know Google will roll over and play dead if
  the feds ever subpoena them.

* On both Claws and Tbird, make accounts for your IMAP account.

* On Claws, copy a tree to your IMAP account.

* On Tbird, copy the tree into Tbird's local mailbox scheme

Be careful: This stuff can take a long, long, LONG time, *especially*
with the pig slow, inefficient Tbird. Personally, I'd recommend each
copy involve no more than 10K messages, because otherwise you'll always
wonder whether it's hung, or whether it's just taking hours.

The process can be made *much* faster if you have a Dovecot IMAP server
on the same physical machine as your Tbird and Claws. Of course, that
point, you might as well leave your messages on your local IMAP, and
use Claws and Tbird just to look at them.

When you're done with the process, if you use an IMAP server outside
your sphere of control, like gmail, be sure to delete everything, so if
the feds come in with a subpoena, ...


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