[Users] Move some Claws mailboxes to Thunderbird?

Victoria S. 1 at VictoriasJourney.com
Mon Jan 20 16:04:40 CET 2014

["solved"]  Jan 20, 2014

Unfortunately in Claws it appears that you can only export one folder at a time:



* Select a mail folder (no subfolders)

* File menu >> Export to mbox file...

* etc. [follow prompts]

* Notes:

 ** mbox names cannot have semicolons (;), or will give errors when importing mbox into Thunderbird (i.e. Thunderbird will try to import the bit after the semicolon as a folder?)

 ** mbox names can contain ( ) [ ] ... ,

 ** try to avoid mbox names that are *too* long (e.g. >~67-68 characters; ~65 characters appears to be fine)

  ** this may be system-specific; see: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=2440379



* Install the ImportExportTools- plugin [https://nic-nac-project.org/~kaosmos/mboximport-en.html]

* Click the folder (e.g. in Thunderbird's Local Folders) where you want to import the mbox file, exported from Claws

* Right-click this folder (or select at the bottom of the Thunderbird Tools menu) >> ImportExportTool >> Import mbox file >> Import directly from one or more mbox files

* etc. [follow prompts]





https://nic-nac-project.org/~kaosmos/mboximport-en.html << plugin author/source


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